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When I was younger I never did enjoy reading autobiographies much as I cared more about stories and fairytales, and that hasn’t changed much. I still don’t read much non-fiction never mind autobiographies but there are certain ones that caught my attention.

My first ever idol was Hannah Montana, portrayed by Miley Cyrus. To say I was slightly obsessed wouldn’t be wrong. I idolised her style, her talent and her friends and I showed that through constantly watching Hannah Montana and having every sort of merchandise. As I became older I started to realise that it was Miley Cyrus herself who I indeed idolised also. Who wouldn’t want to be a teen rock star? I listened to all her music and still do and because of this when I was 10 my parents bought me her autobiography: Miles to Go.  This autobiography is the only non-fiction I read when I was that age and it was one of the best books I had ever read. It looked at the milestones in Miley’s life and shared an honest view of someone who shot to fame at such a young age. The style in which it was written appealed to me as there were ‘handwritten notes’ on each page correcting, adding in and reacting which made the experience of reading this book so real. It made you think you were there with her, she was telling her story to you. As I look back on this autobiography I see why it appealed to me. I was young and so was Miley. It showed me that being young didn’t stop you from fulfilling your dream and although I never really wanted to be an actor or singer (thankfully considering I am horrendous at both) it showed me that the little things were possible as she did the big things. I can understand why any young girl would read it as it did have a big impact on my life as a 10 year old.

I only have three autobiographies in my collection (and one of those belonged to my sisters) but I find all three worth the read. The next autobiography I was given was Fierce by Kelly Osbourne. It was my sisters book that she gave to me as she no longer wanted it and I am glad she did. Although this book was published in 2009 (I was 10) I never read it until 2015. It showed a girl with a completely different life to mines and most people I knew. It was completely the opposite of Miles to Go but I think that’s what made it stand out to me. That there was someone who lived that life. It showed a wilder side but it was still very inspiring as it showed what she went through as a teen. I think the way it was laid out also helped a lot as it contains side notes of information to explain what she meant and how to fix it. When she explained how she was bullied she left bullying help lines for those who are dealing with that and she left tips such as hair do’s and don’ts to help you through your teenage life. It is well written and honest and I admired that she shared so much. One of the many things I can say about this book is that I am glad my sister gave it to me.

The last and most recent autobiography I own and read is by Ed Sheeran. ‘A Visual Journey’ is a book that was so interesting and inspiring also. I really appreciate Ed Sheeran as a musician and everyone who knows me is aware. When I was still in high school this book was released (I was 15/16) and my best friend Holly bought it for me for my Christmas. I hadn’t expected this and it was a big gift to receive. I was surprised and thrilled. I started to read it on Boxing Day and was finished within a week. It shared how Ed has gotten to where he is now. He never enjoyed school and learned all he needed to know to become a singer was on tour. I found this inspiring as it told me that grades weren’t everything and although they can be important they didn’t control who you were and what you could be. It is full of amazing illustrations by a man named Phillip Butah which illustrated all of Ed’s writing. It helped you to be immersed to the book and continue to read. Although Ed’s words could do that alone, it helped. Ed shared his influences and how he created his albums. I would have to recommend this to anyone who likes Ed Sheeran or aims to become a successful singer as it shows that determination and passion will get you a long way. I would also recommend this for anyone who wants to be successful in anything they choose as it is incredibly inspiring.

‘Miles to go’, ‘Fierce’ and ‘A Visual Journey’ are the autobiographies that I own and loved and I am sure there are lots and lots more I should read but I just wanted to share the ones I believed to be a great influence on the way I think and how I thought when I was younger. I would highly recommend.

Thanks for reading, Caitlin x

(PS please comment your favourite or most inspiring autobiographies that you have read)