The Blind Date with a Book Concept

Blind date with a book

A couple months ago when I was online looking for a new book I came across the blind date with a book concept used by Waitrose. It began at Elizabeth’s Bookshops in Australia and has since expanded and is now available across the world. I find the idea of going into a bookstore where all the books are wrapped up with only a couple of words on the front very interesting. We all decide what we are going to read based off of what we see on the front cover, yes we then go on to read the blurb, but you decide to pick it up based on its imagery. This is putting extra pressures onto authors to have amazing front covers rather than spending all their time perfecting their story itself.

I find the concept very enticing and I see it as an exciting way to pick a new book. You base your decision on what book to buy based off of a couple words. It adds to the excitement of buying a new book and can often lead you into reading a different style or genre of book you wouldn’t necessarily be drawn to usually. It allows people to branch out into reading books by different authors also and gives less known authors a chance that they may not get if everyone can see who wrote the book they are going to buy. I personally think that the concept is one that should be adopted more wide spread, to inspire more people to not judge the book by its cover. This phrase is used on a regular basis about people so why don’t we pay more attention to what it actually says and not judge a book by its cover.

I highly recommend that if you are planning on buying a new book, you take a look at the ‘blind date with a book’ shop and buy a book without judging it by its cover, changing the way you read and buy books.

blind date with a book logo

Many thanks, Caitlin x

(PS please comment on your thought about this concept )

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