The Pros and Cons of Re-reading Books

Source: Good Reads

When it comes to re-reading books it can be both a tough decision and an easy one if you find the right book. There are two sides to every argument and I am going to explore these;

I personally believe that re-reading a book is both good and bad.

Re-reading a book that you didn’t quite understand or one that you love allows you to notice any little details you may have missed on your first reading giving you a totally different outlook on the book. It gives you the opportunity to become part of that world and become acquainted with the characters yet again. I find it a great way to come to terms with a storyline and give you the chance to fully engage in the story presented. A book could also represent a time in your life or perhaps a book you enjoyed whilst younger so therefore reading it again could bring back those memories and be nostalgic for many people. It can provide a way in which people can go back and remember those times whilst reading a good book. It can also be very comforting to many as it provides a space where they know. They don’t need to be on edge and can take the chance to enjoy the writing.

It can also be a bad thing as it wouldn’t necessarily be the same. You know what is going to happen before you have even started reading so in that sense you lose the magic of reading on to find out the next events. There is no surprise as you have seen it all before. It can also be thought of as a waste of time, once you have read it, what is the point in reading it again when you could be reading new and exciting books and becoming involved in a whole other story/world. Not only that, but if you do re-read a book it may not necessarily be as good as you remembered or live up to what you thought it was because it is being read at a different time and for a second time.

Overall, I would say that both arguments are relevant and it really is a personal choice. If you loved a book so much why wouldn’t you want to be a part of that world again? But I fully get that people do see it as a wasted opportunity to explore a new one.

May thanks, Caitlin x

(PS please comment your opinions on re-reading books)

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