Bookmarks vs Folding

When it comes to marking your page when your in the midst of reading a good book do you use a bookmark or fold the corners of the page?

Personally, I tend to fold the pages of my book as when starting a new book I walkways forget my bookmark or they fall out when I’m carrying it about. I used to always use a bookmark as I was quite picky about keeping my books in pristine condition however I feel it unnecessary these days. It shows that the book has been read.

I don’t mind borrowing a book where the pages have been folded over as I do it myself but I know some people who would hate to see that. If you ever get a book at your local library it is doubtful it’s going to be in the best condition so do be aware of this if you are picky about keeping your books at their best! Often when studying people bookmark multiple pages at time. This is often done with sticky notes or bookmarks however I have seen many with folded corners.

I have a large collection of bookmarks as well so it isn’t that I don’t have any! I understand why people use bookmarks and occasionally I still do. When you want to keep your book in good condition with no damaged pages then bookmarks are the way to go. I very rarely have a book that is in perfect condition!

So if your ever out and start a new book without a bookmark there’s a choice to made: it’s either carry a bookmark at all times in case you ever forget yours or sacrifice your perfect pages!

Many thanks, Caitlin x

(PS please comment which you prefer: bookmark or folded page.)

3 thoughts on “Bookmarks vs Folding

  1. I use bookmarks myself, and by ‘bookmark’ I mean ‘whatever random piece of paper I can find at hand.’ It’s usually a receipt or an old to-do list.
    I remember when I was younger that I used to dog-ear books I was reading, but at the time the quality of paper in mass-market paperbacks that I was reading was shoddy at best, so you could wind up tearing your pages after the first read-through of a book. Given that some of my favorite books that I have are now almost 50 years old (talk about terrible paper quality!), adding a slip of paper to mark my space seems the best way to keep some of my collection in good order.
    Enjoyed this post quite a bit, and while I’m sure you’re right, I never would have thought of anyone dog-earring a library book. I’ll have to keep an eye out next time I’m browsing and see if it’s something that’s done around here. 🙂


  2. I personally prefer bookmarks. I love making cute bookmarks. And I look forward to using them. And yes this idea of folding the pages is good too.


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