The 50/50 Killer by Steve Mosby

The 50/50 Killer is a crime novel written by British author Steve Mosby that was first published in 2007.

The book is about a killer who preys on couples and makes them choose who will live and ultimately who will die. however I will say that the book is about more than just the crime and the twists and turns.
we meet new detective Mark Nelson on his first case on his new team. From the beginning of this book I was engaged in it. I thought the writing was excellent and as the book continued the characters had some great depth too add to the book.

When it comes to the characters there are really two who are featured at the forefront of the book, these are new to the team Mark Nelson and experienced detective John Mackey. When we meet Mark he is keen to start this job however it
also gives you an insight into John Mackey. As Mark is nervous to meet such an experienced detective you can see the kind of influence Det. John has within this field. we follow mark as he settles into the job whilst investigating these
horrible crimes. Det. Mackey is a deeply troubled person and you can see this throughout the book, from descriptions of his actions and looks to learning that he has been affected badly by a previous case. You get an insight into his personal life and how this job not only effects himself but his loving wife. I thought that both characters were really great and well written. They allowed you to learn more about what makes them, them and understand the actions that they take.

When it comes to the actual crimes in the book it is very dark and twisted. It featured topics of murder, torture, stalking etc and also has some graphic descriptions of crimes and crime scenes. although I will say that this is balanced with the sub-plots of the characters but that doesn’t take away how intense it is. I would say that this book isn’t necessarily a typical crime novel, yes it has the investigation and the crimes, but it looks at everything is a much more comprehensive look at the impact of these crimes on everyone.
Not only the victims and the criminal but the investigators, the families and the community. The writing and the plot keeps you reading at a fast pace as you want to know everything yourself, the book is filled with various twists and turns and keeps you guessing and finding out at the same time as the characters. I really liked that, I didn’t find it predictable. Of course certain things like the investigation may be understood if you read a lot of crime novels but the actual plot was what kept you on the edge of your seat.

Overall, I would say that this book is one I would recommend. But I would say that this isn’t really a comfortable read in the sense of it being a cosy, predictable read. Mosby doesn’t shy away from gore and crime descriptions and it can keep you on edge.
I would say that it is excellent but we aware of what you are going to be reading. I would also say that Mosby walks the fine line between gore that is value to the book and it being too much but he keeps it to the former very well.

Many thanks, Caitlin x
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