Alibi for a Judge by Henry Cecil

Alibi for a Judge is a fiction book by Henry Cecil which was first published in 1960.

I picked up this book at my local cafe/bookshop which sells preloved books! I was drawn to it initially by the cover of it alongside the title. It intringued me and after I read the blurb I purchased it. I really enjoyed this book and although it was written in 1960 it didn’t seem out of touch.

It follows Mr Justice Carstairs (a High Court Judge) as he looks for evidence alongside the wife of a man he sentenced to 10 years in prison. After begining to feel doubtful of the verdict he gave and thinking himself to have biased the deision he takes it upon himself to help investigate the truth of the crime.

I really ejoyed this book and at 200 pages long it didn’t take long to finish. It was split into chapters which were tiled according to the next plan of action for Cartairs and I thought it was well paced and thouroughly enjoyable. Some of the language used was rather formal however I felt this helped bring you into the world of the Judge and his plans to find the truth.

It is a book that is based on a crime that has been committed and following a judge as he investigates it further. This typically is a book that I would be drawn to but I must admit it is different to the books I have read. although there is a crime there is no real focus on this and is more so about the judge and how this is affecting him. There is no sensationalizing of a crime and yet there is enough twists in the narrative to engage me and compel me to continue reading.

I would overall recommend this book as it was very enjoyable and had a timeless feeling about it. There was no violence or major crime to keep you engaged and although it had twists in the story these didn’t need to be life or death to add depth to the story.

Many thanks, Caitlin x

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