My View on e-Readers

The introduction of e-readers is fascinating. It gives people a way to store books and read whilst not taking up much physical space. It allows people to have hundreds of books in one place and take them wherever they go. An e-reader, to many people is a great invention but to others the traditional paper books are never going to be beaten.

The views on e-readers can be very split however as it can be said that it effects the experience of reading a book. Not being able to flick through the pages and be able to physically see your progress as well as be able to locate a certain point a lot easier. I understand that this is the case and I, myself, do prefer to read a paper copy of a book as it does add to the experience and allows you to be more immersed into a story. It adds to the anticipation of reading on and turning the pages. As you flick through the pages you get the scent of a book which immerses you even further. Another reason is that without physical books you couldn’t have physical libraries to browse and enjoy. Having a room filled with books from the floor to the ceiling is almost magical being surrounded by all sorts of literature. It is almost like in Beauty and the Beast. The argument that reading on an e-reader and phone caused eye strain and headaches is also a prominent one.


However this isn’t always the case and the introduction of e-readers did encourage much more people to read. It makes books so easy to access and it is almost instant, there is no need to go to your local bookshop or order online as you can have it downloaded in seconds and have a library in your pocket.  Not only is the speed a key factor but often the price as the majority of the time books can be cheaper and classics are often free so there for you can read more for cheaper.  The portability of an e-reader is also a huge factor with it being light and compact taking up much less space than a physical book, especially a hardback. Not only are e-readers becoming more popular but so is using book apps on your smart phone. The convenience of this means that often people use this as their way to read. You always have your phone on you, so you will always have your books.



Overall, I understand both arguments and I personally prefer to read a paperback/hardback book over an e-reader although I own one. Even although I personally think this I know people who would much prefer and do all of their reading on their phone or e-reader. I would say that if either makes you want to read is a good thing and should be encouraged as reading is an important part of learning and very enjoyable.

Many thanks, Caitlin x

(PS comment your opinions on e-readers vs books)

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